Established in 2008, the Prize has grown from an ambitious, UAE leadership-driven initiative that sought to encourage global action on the development of renewable energy solutions, into one of the most significant and globally-renowned awards for affecting positive human and sustainable impact.

In its first 15 years, the Prize has added categories and expanded its reach by rewarding an ever-increasing number of visionaries, innovators and pioneers, in the field of renewable energy.

Following the 2018 Awards Ceremony, the Zayed Future Energy Prize evolved into the Zayed Sustainability Prize to address more of the world’s most urgent challenges and developed five distinct categories to expand its reach and scope.

Zayed Future Energy Prize
Launched in 2008

Zayed Sustainability Prize
Evolved in 2018

In order to reflect the broadening scope of our evolution, a more inclusive name was needed and so, from 17 th April 2018, we became the Zayed Sustainability Prize.

By recognising and rewarding solutions across a wider spectrum of industries, the Zayed Sustainability is now more closely aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UAE’s National Agenda 2021.

Since the evolution, the Prize is divided into five distinct award categories: