St. Mary’s Sosio Girls secondary School

St. Mary’s Sosio Girls Secondary School is a public school that was established in 1978 with the initiative of the local community under the Catholic Diocese of Bungoma to offer higher school education to students.

Located in Kenya’s Bungoma County, Kimilili Sub County, the school is 420km away from Nairobi city and at the basement of Mt. Elgon in Western Kenya along the Kamukuywa to Kaptama road. The school is built on 11.5 acres of land and has boarding facilities for 700 students, 36 teachers and 30 support staff. 

The school's environmental club encourages students to be mindful of the environment through debates, reading environmental magazines and tours of conservation projects in Kenya.  The club members manage the 2.5 acre school gardens by practicing agroforestry and runing a zero grazing unit with 12 cows.