Abellon Clean Energy

Abellon CleanEnergy is a for-profit company founded in 2008 by Aditya Handa. Its principal activity is the manufacture and sale of biomass pellets made from agricultural and sawmill residues. The agricultural residues are sourced from local farmers, in partnership with Poornakumbha, an NGO established by Abellon in 2008.

The role of Poornakumbha is to help farmers create value from waste – where ‘waste’ refers not just to agricultural residue but also to under-utilised land and other natural resources

The company uses an integrated approach to establish supply chains in rural areas in India and Ghana. These range from decentralised biomass collection to power production and power trading. The company has been driving economic growth, improvement in crop yields and support for rural farmers in its home state Gujarat in India. While its main operations are in India, it is also expanding to other developing and developed countries.”