Evaluation Process

Submissions to the Zayed Sustainability Prize 2022 cycle closed on 6 May 2021, following which a robust, three-tier evaluation process of each submission commenced in June. The evaluation process comprises three stages:

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First Stage
A reputed international research and analysis consultancy firm conducts due diligence on all submissions received. These independent consultants ensure that each entry meets the submission standards and then scores the entries against the criteria set out for the Zayed Sustainability Prize. This step will be completed in July 2021.

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Second Stage
The Selection Committee, sub-divided per category by members’ technical specialty and/or knowledge, evaluates and scores the shortlisted candidates. They then pass on the list of finalists for the final review stage. This process will take place online over the course of three weeks in August 2021.

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Third Stage
As the final stage, the Jury will meet in September 2021, to deliberate the entries and elect the winner in each category. The final decision must be unanimous. The winners per category will be announced at the 2022 Zayed Sustainability Prize Awards Ceremony which takes place during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week in January 2022.


All Eyes on the Prize

The Zayed Sustainability Prize is excited to launch a digital campaign, that offers a close-up perspective on the efforts of the strong-willed individuals working hard to create and recognise effective sustainable solutions to build a better tomorrow.

‘All Eyes on the Prize’ aims to answer a range of insider questions about the world’s leading award programme in sustainability.

How and why did the Prize come to be? How does the Zayed Sustainability Prize go from thousands of applications to a few? What does the evaluation process comprise and how are winners selected? What drives finalists and winners to defy limitations and innovate for the greater good of humanity? And what impact is achieved when this inspiring community of determined Jury and Selection Committee members, and pioneers from around the globe come together to push the sustainable development agenda forward?

From start to finish, the path to the Prize is paved with inspiring accounts and stories of perseverance. It’s time for the curtains to be raised and the heartfelt stories of the people of Zayed Sustainability Prize to take centerstage.

Follow #AllEyesOnThePrize across our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) to witness the Prize’s journey to recognising sustainability innovation.

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Voices of Sustainability

With less than a decade left to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which aim - among other things - to end poverty and hunger and foster development that protects the planet, the next nine years will be critical in making the world a more sustainable and viable place.

While 2020 has been dominated by global planning for a green recovery from COVID-19, companies and markets are making climate change commitments and accelerating carbon reduction efforts.

So, what does the sustainability discourse look like in 2021 and the post-pandemic era?

‘Voices of Sustainability’ by the Zayed Sustainability Prize is a virtual fireside chats series to take stock of the latest trends and themes in the global sustainable development agenda. “Voices of Sustainability” will provides a platform for some of the greatest thought leaders of our times to discuss the current state of the world and answer big questions about how we can achieve a transition to an inclusive and prosperous future that leaves no one behind.


Don’t miss out on the conversation and the opportunity to raise your own voice of sustainability! Keep an eye out on social media for the registration link in order to attend the upcoming episode of #VoicesOfSustainability by the Zayed Sustainability Prize.

Do you have any questions that you'd like to extend to our guest speakers? Follow #VoicesOfSustainability on our social media channels and share all your questions with us in the comments. Stay tuned!

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