Ride to COP28 UAE: An Epic Sustainability Journey
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24 November 2023 Share article

The Zayed Sustainability Prize has sponsored ‘Ride to COP28 UAE,’ an e-bike journey that spans 7,500 kilometres and traverses two continents and five countries. The rider will travel from Nairobi to Dubai with stops in Kenya, Egypt, Jordan, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It's a challenging journey, but beyond the physical demands, the Ride hopes to spark meaningful conversations about sustainable living.


Jesse Forrester, an alumnus of South Africa's African Leadership Academy, winner of the 2019 Zayed Sustainability Prize, devised the journey to showcase the viability and importance of e-mobility. Forrester shares his vision, stating, "We believe in the potential of e-mobility to transform transportation and address climate change. This journey signifies our commitment to cleaner, greener mobility and our dedication to tangible solutions."


As the CEO and Co-founder of Mazi Mobility based in Nairobi, Kenya, Jesse organised the ride to encourage more people to adopt electric vehicles. This initiative contributes to the fight against climate change by aiming to reduce CO2 emissions. 

In partnership with the Zayed Sustainability Prize, the UAE’s pioneering global award accelerating sustainable development and humanitarian impact, and Mazi Mobility, ‘Ride to COP28’ seeks to demonstrate that sustainable transport is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective, highlighting the importance of practical solutions in tackling environmental challenges.

As COP28 UAE draws nearer, ‘Ride to COP28’ aligns seamlessly with the conference's theme, the ‘COP of Action’. It mirrors the UAE's unwavering commitment to finding real-world solutions to global environmental issues. This journey symbolises the urgency of the climate crisis and emphasises the collective effort required to create a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Join us in following this epic ride, where we see the transformative potential of e-mobility solutions and the impact of dedicated individuals driving change towards a greener future for all. Stay tuned for more updates from Ride to COP28 UAE. 

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