From Insight to Action: My Transformative Experience at the World Environmental Education Congress
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01 March 2024 Share article

Imagine stepping into a realm where every conversation, every session, ignites a spark within you. This was my reality at the World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC), it is the world’s largest gathering of environmental educators, leaders, advocates, and even students to forge a sustainable future through the power of education.

“Connecting People, Creating Tomorrow” was not just a theme, it was an invitation to embark on a life-long journey of sustainability. It challenged us to make a collaborative effort on finding ways to achieve a more sustainable world. We can learn from one another. We may have different approaches to solve the problem, but what matters most is that we’re solving it together for the better. 

Among the mosaic of sessions, the keynote speech captivated me. The speaker, Razan Al Mubarak, President of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, empowered the minds of the youth to foster a culture of sustainability. Powerfully, she emphasised that knowledge alone is not enough to solve environmental problems but also the dedication and willingness to protect the environment. 

The speech painted a vision where education transcends knowledge dissemination to become a catalyst for empathy, action, and innovation. This wasn't just a speech; it was a call to action for the next generation, which has not only the knowledge but also the heart to protect our planet. 

But what made WEEC truly unforgettable were the connections forged in the spaces between. Over steaming cups of coffee, we shared stories, empowering youth with our journey to winning the Zayed Sustainability Prize. In our sessions, we united in the conviction that together, we can overcome environmental challenges worldwide.

Leaving the congress, I felt hopeful and determined. The Congress marked a pivotal moment for me, transforming my perspective on our environment. It made me realise that those of us who care about the planet need to lead by example, showing both knowledge and compassion in our efforts. 

I owe a debt of gratitude to the Zayed Sustainability Prize for this life-changing journey. I am keen to share the valuable insights acquired at WEEC, just as I have done here. Let's apply these lessons in our communities and classrooms to drive meaningful change. Together, we can forge a future of collective action, living in harmony with nature.