The Prize is on the Road
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04 June 2024 Share article

The Prize team and its partners have embarked on an exciting journey spanning several continents that included visits to Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Georgia, Morocco, Senegal, South Korea and Turkey. From fruitful discussions to promising collaborations, each leg of the outreach efforts has been marked by meaningful engagement and shared commitment to sustainability.


Empowering Communities through Innovation in Brazil and Costa Rica


The outreach trip kicked off in Latin America, where the team met with key stakeholders and fostered partnerships across Costa Rica and Brazil. During their trip, the team announced the deployment of AI-powered mammography services in Costa Rica as part of the Beyond2020 initiative- a UAE-led humanitarian initiative, funded by global partners, that offers critical, life-transforming solutions beneficiaries worldwide.


Networking events, such as the gathering at the residence of Her Excellency Rawdha Alotaiba, UAE Ambassador to Costa Rica, provided a platform to share insights and promote the Prize among key stakeholders. Meetings with government officials, including Minister Víctor Carvajal Porras and Minister Francisco Gamboa, highlighted opportunities for collaboration in sustainable agriculture and economic growth.


In Brazil, discussions with organisations like the Agriculture Secretariat, Invest Sao Paulo and SEMIL explored avenues for knowledge sharing and capacity-building initiatives in environmental policies and sustainable food systems. The engagement underscored the importance of collaboration in driving sustainable development.


Pioneering Innovation for a Greener Future in China and South Korea


The journey continued in Asia, with impactful outreach efforts in China and South Korea. Meetings with government ministries, including the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Ministry of Science and Technology in China, emphasised the Prize's role in promoting international sustainable development and fostering innovation. Collaborative discussions explored opportunities for joint events and activities to address environmental challenges.


In South Korea, engagements with organisations like the Climate Change Center and the Global Green Growth Institute showcased the Prize's commitment to climate focused discussions. The discussions highlighted the potential for collaboration in advancing sustainable agriculture and climate action.


Cultivating Sustainability Champions in Senegal and Morocco


In Africa, the Prize’s outreach partners conducted two successful roadshows in Senegal and Morocco, engaging with diverse stakeholders and promoting the Prize's mission. The events attracted high levels of participation from businesses, nonprofits and government representatives, reflecting a growing interest in sustainability. Promising discussions and testimonials highlighted the Prize's appeal and the potential for impactful projects in the region.


Building Bridges for Sustainable Development in Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan


The journey culminated in Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, where the team facilitated productive engagements with ministries, educational institutions and small and medium sized enterprises networks. Discussions focused on promoting sustainable food systems, addressing water security challenges, and advancing climate action initiatives. The roadshows emphasised the importance of collaboration in driving meaningful change and fostering innovation.


As the Prize team concludes its global journey, the shared commitment to environmentally responsible growth and the exchange of ideas continue to inspire collective action. It’s not too late for you to become a part of the Prize community, submit your sustainable innovations no later than 23 June 2024 on the Prize’s submissions portal.