Eligibility Criteria

This prize recognises organisations that can demonstrate innovative, impactful and inspirational solutions. You empower people by providing access to energy and energy efficiency solutions.

Organisations must demonstrate a clear vision and long-term plan to further deploy your solution and scale up your impact, as well as inspiring others to follow suit by furthering that technology or solution.

prize fund

US$ 600,000

To be eligible to enter for this award, you should be a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), a non-profit organisation (NPO), or a similar organisation.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria is split into three parts, each with their percentages of influence on the initial assessments. They are:

Innovation 30%

The innovation criterion requires organisations to:

  • demonstrate that their solution has unique and distinctive characteristics compared to their competitors;
  • have a level of maturity by being demonstrated on the ground;
  • have already shown characteristics to change the 'status quo' and have the potential to catalyse opportunities not previously considered through disruptive or transformative change.

impact 50%

The impact criterion is designed to test if the organisation has:

  • demonstrated significant and tangible results;
  • shown that their solution has had a positive impact on the quality of peoples' lives. Direct and indirect impacts are considered;
  • demonstrated that they have good governance, employ skilled people, are operationally and financially stable, as well being resilient to potential or real challenges.

inspiration 20%

The inspiration criterion is designed to test if the organisation has:

    a long-term vision and credible plan to deploy the prize money and scale up outcomes and impact over the next 10-15 years;

    a clear outline of the scale of their ambition and how they can multiply the positive impact of their core issues and continue to improve people’s lives;

    demonstrated an ability to inspire others to multiply, sustain and catalyse further benefits.