Inspiring Sustainable Solutions: Zayed Sustainability Prize Empowers Leaders at Climate Tech Forum

The Zayed Sustainability Prize played a pivotal role in the recent UAE Climate Tech forum held in Abu Dhabi, through a roundtable and Q&A session that empowered leaders.

The 11 May forum featured a high-level roundtable entitled "From Innovation to Investment: Establishing the UAE as a Global Climate Tech Hub," bringing together experts, leaders and international stakeholders in climate technology from the UAE and around the world. The afternoon session provided a unique opportunity to discuss the global challenges in achieving international Net Zero targets and to identify solutions to facilitate the adoption and scaling of climate technologies worldwide. The discussions also offered UAE senior executives direct access to the knowledge of key participants at UAE Climate Tech, initiating a constructive dialogue towards COP28 UAE.

Later that evening at Khalifa University, students had the privilege of attending a thought-provoking  Q&A session. Esteemed winners of the Zayed Sustainability Prize, Omar As'ad from NeuroTech and Dr. Sebastian Grohe from SOLshare, shared invaluable insights and experiences on ‘Providing Energy Access to Marginalised Communities.’ They emphasised the Prize's impact on their organisations and encouraged students to pursue innovative problem-solving.

These platforms aimed to inspire individuals and foster a collective commitment to addressing global challenges through sustainable solutions. The discussions showcased the transformative power of the Zayed Sustainability Prize, recognising and supporting individuals and organisations that drive meaningful change. By providing a platform for past winners to share their experiences, the Prize reinforces its commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability.