2009 Winner and Runners Up

Dipal Barua

Founder & Chairman, Bright Green Energy Foundation

For the past 35 years, Dipal Barua has been dedicated to finding and developing sustainable, market-based solutions to the social and economic problems faced by rural people. Mr. Dipal won the Zayed Future Energy Prize in 2009 for his work as the Founding Managing Director of Grameen Shakti, a clean energy company. By developing an innovative installment-based payment plan for solar systems, he was able to lower the monthly cost of solar to the equivalent of kerosene. Through Grameen Shakti, Mr. Dipal facilitated the construction of 245,000 solar electricity systems on homes in Bangladesh, bringing electricity to 2.2 million people. Additionally, his network of after sales-repair and maintenance services made up of local technicians, many of whom are women, has helped to provide jobs for thousands more people.

Other Key Accomplishments:
* Mr. Dipal developed an innovative biogas process to convert cow dung and poultry waste into gas for cooking, lighting, electrical generation, and slurry for organic fertilizer. Approximately 20,000 biogas plants have been constructed since 2006.
* Mr. Dipal developed an improved cooking stove program to promote low-cost, cleaner stoves in rural areas to protect women from indoor air pollution and reduce the affects of deforestation. Since the program was enacted in 2007, over 1,000,000 improved stoves have been constructed.

* Mr. Dipal is active in promoting the involvement of women in renewable energy technologies. He designed and developed village-based Green Technology Centers – an innovative model to create women entrepreneurs in green energy. Approximately 50 centers have been set up in rural areas to train 3000 young women, many from disadvantaged families, to assemble, promote and repair solar systems.

Dr. Martin Green

Australian Federation Fellow and Scientia Professor at the University of New South Wales, Sydney

Over the course of his career, Dr. Green has made significant contributions to the field of photovoltaics. His work began with identifying the factors that limited silicon solar cell performance. From there, he and his group have improved the performance of silicon solar cells, a mature technology with over 50 years of development already, by over 50%. These advancements have been put into commercial production with a large proportion of solar cells that are fabricated in Europe. Dr. Green's work has helped to drastically increase the economic viability of solar energy by decreasing the cost of solar to less than US$0.50 per watt.

In addition to his position at the University of New South Wales, Dr. Green is the Research Director of Sydney-based CSG Solar Pty Ltd, serving on the company's board, as well as that of its parent company, CSG Solar, AG