Tenison Woods College

Tenison Woods College is a co-educational Roman Catholic school in Mount Gambier, South Australia that offers education to almost 1,500 pupils ranging from pre-school through to year 12 (final year) students.

The stated aim of the project is to maximize the learning outcomes for students from across the region, while significantly reducing the school’s power costs.


The prize would be used to partly fund a new building to be called The Zayed Centre for Innovation that will serve as a hub for sustainable energy education both within the school and the wider community. It will also fund a diverse range of clean energy projects, including a 40kW solar PV system, a 5kW wind turbine, a 5kW micro-hydro demonstration project, a 3kW Stirling engine and a pedal-powered generator. These will be connected to a 21kW battery bank.

South Australia has the highest electricity prices in the world, according to ABC News1. The college consumes approximately 670,000kWh per year from the grid, which costs between A$160,000 ($128,000) and A$180,000 ($143,000) annually. It is hoped that the project will save around A$24,000 ($19,118) in avoided electricity costs.

The total project budget is $118,782, almost 20% more than the $100,000 prize money. The cost of the solar PV system is $794 per kW installed, which represents very good value and is below BNEF guidelines.