Sunna Design

Sunna Design conceives, manufactures and retails smart solar street lighting particularly adapted to emerging-market environments. Its lamps use a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery chemistry that is resilient to low and high temperatures and has a 10-year lifetime, making it well-suited to remote places with extreme climates. The company has installed about 10,000 lamps in 40 countries working with local partners. Its products are widespread across Africa, parts of the Middle East and India.

It produces a wide variety of models, including a lamp that can provide electricity to 4 local households for LED lighting and phone charging. In this way the solar street light both illuminates a public area and brings electricity to those without. The system becomes a pay-as-you-go NanoGrid, where households can prepay for the energy they use via mobile money applications.

Sunna Design’s solar street lights also have integrated energy management technology, which optimizes the energy consumption and controls the integrated NiMH battery efficiently so that the solar power lasts throughout the night without interruption. Its smart solar lamps can also collect data about the surrounding environment and transmit information about the performance of the lamp back to a central control platform.

Sunna Design has also created a "factory of the future" in Bordeaux, France, that it says can produce 100,000 solar street lights a year. The factory is built on a mobile, modular concept and was piloted in early 2017 in Barnako, Mali in partnership with Solektra and Akon Lighting Africa. Partnerships are in place to roll out the factory concept in Brazil, Algeria and the U.A.E. Rolling out factories on a wider scale and manufacturing locally would enable Sunna Design to help developing economies by providing employment and improving the quality of life in off-grid environments with its lighting.