Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies

Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies (HAFS) is a prestigious private boarding school located in the northern part of Yongin, South Korea, and is the first Korean high school formed by a collaboration between the government and a university.

First established in 2002 as a ‘Foreign Language High School’, HAFS later became an independent private school. Since then, it has gained more autonomy in designing and implementing its curriculum, aiming to attract a greater body of talented pupils with diverse interests. HAFS is comprised of three distinct tracks: International Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. Each track follows a specialised curriculum to foster each student’s intellectual growth within his or her area of talent. Thus, many graduates have been admitted to renowned colleges both within and outside of Korea, such as Seoul National University, KAIST, and IVY league colleges, as a recognition for their effort and abilities. Overall, Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies is a distinguished high school which strives to produce gifted global leaders under the three educational principles of truth, peace, and creativity.