Solar Sister

Solar Sister is a not-for-profit organization that combines clean energy access and women’s enterprise. It creates sustainable businesses by investing in a network of women entrepreneurs who sell and deliver clean energy to their communities in rural Africa.

The entrepreneurs are recruited through Solar Sister’s relationships with local leaders and recommendations from partners who have penetrated the remote communities through the projects delivered. A Business Development Associate (BDA) is allocated to provide business advice, mentoring and support to each entrepreneur and guide them through the growth of their business. The Solar Sister entrepreneurs purchase their stock from their BDA who helps them understand the unique needs of their market. A mark-up is added to the final price which the entrepreneurs keep as their earnings.

Solar Sister has recruited roughly 2,500 women entrepreneurs in Uganda, Nigeria and Tanzania who in turn have delivered solar and clean cooking solutions to over 848,000 beneficiaries via the distribution of around 100,000 products, according to their application.