Korea Science Academy of KAIST

Korea Science Academy is the only high-school in Korea for science-gifted students fully supported by the ministry of science, ICT and future planning of Korea. 

Korea Science Academy is fully funded by the Korean government. It was established in 1991 as a science high school and designated as an institute for gifted education in science in 2003 by the Korean government. It is also affiliated with KAIST, a world-class university of science & technology, since 2009. We select the most competitive students who are recognized to have outstanding talent and potential in mathematics and science. Korea Science Academy students’ education level is similar to that of sophomores in university. They perform undergraduate level research for years as an essential part of the curriculum. Korea Science Academy is an international high-school that also has close and organised network with other global institutes for talented students. Most of all, its goal is to give benefits to the people of the world by nurturing global scientists that have high creativity, passion, and warm heart.