Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya

Kalkeri-Sangeet-Vidyalaya (Kalkeri-Music-School) empowers children from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds to realise their full potential for a better life. This is done through a comprehensive academic and music program undertaken in a peaceful rural residential setting in Karnataka, India.

Through their achievements at KSV, the students will be in a position to attain meaningful livelihoods, thus breaking the cycle of persistent poverty and creating a better future for themselves and their communities.

The project aims at holistically developing KSV: the project potential is to make the school completely grid-free and self-sufficient. The saving in energy expenditure will be used to provide solar home lighting systems for the homes of merit students. Training and awareness modules aim at creating future energy champions that will have the first-hand experience of living under 100% sustainable conditions. Being a musically inclined school, energy access here will directly make education more efficient by making it possible to increase the range of instruments and their possibilities. A green amphitheatre at Kalkeri will immensely improve the output and future of the students as well as the school. Beyond all - utilising sustainable energy here is not just for environmental purposes but is the only reliable, feasible and practical solution.