Okehampton College

Okehampton College is a large comprehensive school with 1,350 pupils drawn from one of the largest UK catchment areas.. As well as providing a solid academic grounding for its pupils, offers 80 extra-curricular activities for students and place great emphasis on sustainability and the need to become responsible global citizens.

In recent years, pupils have raised over £100,000 for many charitable causes (local, national and international) which is an important strand of Green Flag. The school proactively engages with all aspects from fair trade and global perspectives to energy efficiency and recycling.

Having focused on energy efficiency (technical matters and better usage habits), the school is now ready to install wind power and biomass heating.

Okehampton already has extensive monitoring, a building management system, 3000 low energy lights, insulation upgrades, better heating controls, thermostatic radiator valves and is now developing better habits which are being transferred across the community and beyond. This has led to a 50% reduction in consumption of gas and electricity while either of the projects above will have another massive impact.