Kirya Secondary School

Kirya is a secondary school in Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania. It shares a green network with sister schools, Makomu and Kileo.

In 2006, Kirya’s teachers and students tapped water from Nyumba ya Mungu hydro-electric dam and planted trees, carrying buckets two kilometers twice a day.  Kileo and Makomu also grew trees with better access to water. In 2012, Kirya built a pipeline from the reservoir and expanded agro-forestry.

At Kirya, students and teachers fenced the inner compound using local materials to protect planted trees from animals. Students and teachers recorded weather and tried various soil treatments and watering techniques to enhance survival and growth of local and exotic trees.

Nurturing trees has practical and pedagogical goals: providing shade and cooling the microclimate and teaching the students the importance of living organisms.

Now the schools propose to model three renewable energy options to raise awareness and reduce the schools’ ecological footprints:  Wind power at Kirya, solar power at Kileo and biogas Makomu. The beneficiaries will be students, teachers, non-teaching staff and the community at large via a final proposal component: environmental learning centers for outreach and co-production of knowledge with local farmers, fishers and herders.