Ceres is an independent, non-profit advocacy organisation that mobilises investor and business leadership to build a low-carbon, clean energy global economy. In 1997, Ceres launched the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), now the international standard for corporate sustainability reporting.

In 2003, Ceres reframed climate change as an investment and fiduciary issue, and founded the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR), now comprised of 101 pension funds and other investors with combined assets of $10.7 trillion.

Ceres harnesses investors’ influence to move the high-polluting companies they own to reduce their carbon emissions and embrace cleaner energy. Ceres also combines thought leadership analysis and investors’ influence to move capital market institutions including the US SEC, ratings agencies, stock exchanges, and the insurance industry, to steer capital and shape company behavior toward climate solutions.

With its policy coalition of global consumer brands, Ceres mobilises business leaders to move policymakers to take bold action on climate change and clean energy.

Now, Ceres is launching a major campaign to move the world's largest industry - insurance - to use its political clout, its $23 trillion in assets, and its ability to incentivise virtually every company and household to speed the transition to a clean energy economy.