Submission Guidelines

This prize recognises organisations that can demonstrate innovative, impactful and inspirational solutions. You empower people by giving them access to affordable healthcare. Your organisation is active in improving maternal and newborn health, tackling epidemics and illness from pollution and hazardous chemicals and providing access to basic and affordable healthcare.

You have a clear vision and long-term plan to further deploy your solution and scale up your impact and inspire others to follow suit by furthering that technology or solution. Maybe your organisation is in its early days, but we want to see that it is viable and supported by a clear vision for both the short and long-term future.

To be eligible for this prize, you should be a small or medium-sized enterprise, a social enterprise, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), a non-profit organisation (NPO), or a similar organisation (with revenues of less than US$50million per year).

Evaluation Criteria

Innovation - 30%

The innovation criterion will require organisations to:

- Demonstrate that their solution has unique and distinctive characteristics compared to their competitors

- Have a level of maturity by being demonstrated on the ground

- Have already shown characteristics to change the 'status quo' and have the potential to catalyse opportunities not previously considered through disruptive or transformative change.

Impact - 50%

The impact criterion is designed to test if the organisation has demonstrated significant and tangible outcomes in health-related initiatives. Organisations will be expected to show that their solution has had a positive impact on the quality of peoples' lives. Direct and indirect impacts are considered. Organisations will also need to demonstrate that they have good governance, skilled people, are operationally effective, financially stable and resilient at overcoming challenges.

Inspiration - 20%

The inspiration criterion is designed to test if the organisation has a long-term vision and credible plan to deploy the prize money and scale up outcomes and impact over the next 10-15 years. The intention is for organisations to outline the scale of their ambition and how they can multiply the positive impacts on their core issues and continue to further improve peoples' lives.

Organisations should demonstrate that they are able to inspire others to multiply, sustain and catalyse further benefits.