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About the Prize winners

Zayed Sustainability Prize 2019 Awards Ceremony

Borne out of a desire to carry forward the vision and legacy of the UAE’s Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Zayed Sustainability Prize honours his lifelong commitment to sustainability and humanitarianism. Since its inception, in 2008, the Prize has through its winners, directly and indirectly, positively impacted the lives of over 318 million people, worldwide.

At the 2019 annual awards ceremony, on 14th January, 10 new winners were celebrated for their achievements and outstanding commitment to developing sustainable solutions celebrated by all.

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Meet the Winners

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Congratulations to the 10 winners of the 2019 Zayed Sustainability Prize!

Reflecting the global reach and diverse impact of the Prize, this year’s winners are active in a number of world regions, offering sustainable and humanitarian solutions across various industrial and business sectors. Addressing challenges in the areas of Health, Food, Energy, Water, collectively, these winners have been involved in delivering solutions to a wide range of beneficiaries.

Winning solutions from organisations included: solar technology to empower families, students, small businesses and communities; improved maternity care and related medical services in off-grid rural areas; the development and provision of innovative technology to combat malnutrition; as well as the delivery of healthier and safer communities through clean water management systems. In the Global High Schools category, projects ranged from increasing access to education for girls and facilitating sustainable farming practices, developing water treatment devices, installing biodigesters, as well as building food gardens or micro-farms.

Each winner demonstrated that the Prize’s core criteria of impact, innovation and inspiration were at the heart of each solution or school project. We look forward to tracking their progress as Prize winners.

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Highlights of ADSW 2019

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The 2019 Zayed Sustainability Prize annual awards ceremony and ADSW was truly an inspirational week. From the opening ceremony and Prize’s annual awards, to the finalists’ certificate awarding, gala dinner, student workshops and winners’ speaking opportunities and presentations. It was an incredibly busy yet highly productive week for all involved and we thank everyone involved for playing their part in making this year’s event a resounding success.

Calling Global Sustainability Innovators!


The Zayed Sustainability Prize recognises pioneers across the categories of Health, Food, Energy, Water and Global High Schools, whose work and spirit of enterprise has resulted in sustainable and humanitarian solutions being deployed across communities around the world.

The Prize invites organisations, small and medium-sized enterprises and non-profits to submit existing solutions that have demonstrated a true impact, while the Global High Schools category seeks to inspire young minds and encourage entries based on concepts or projects they can implement with the award’s prize money.

Build your legacy, apply today.

Submissions open until 30 May 2019

Evolution of the Prize


In 2018, the Zayed Future Energy Prize evolved to become the Zayed Sustainability Prize. A transition which aligns the Prize more closely with the UN SDGs and the UAE’s developing national agenda. The Prize now recognise a broader scope of sustainability solutions by including the new categories of Health, Food and Water alongside Energy and Global High Schools.

Through taking on a new and broadened mandate the Prize is uniquely positioned to embolden and empower a new generation of pioneers to create exciting innovations.

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Submissions open until 30 May 2019