Newsletter September 2023


Meet our Finalists

We're thrilled to announce this edition’s remarkable finalists spanning the categories of Health, Food, Energy, Water, Climate Action and Global High Schools. Learn more about the 33 sustainability pioneers who were shortlisted from over 5,000 submissions. The winners will be revealed at the Zayed Sustainability Prize Awards Ceremony, on 1 December 2023 during COP28 UAE.


Climate in Focus: From Africa to North America

This month, the Prize embarked on a global journey, leaving its mark in Africa and North America. In Nairobi, Prize winners participated in various events held on the sidelines of Africa Climate Summit.

Our Forum, held as part of the Concordia Annual Summit in New York, sparked conversations among thought leaders, policymakers, past winners and passionate youth, setting the stage for what is expected to be a decisive COP28 UAE. The Prize also participated in events hosted by Student Energy, Concordia and the COP28 team.



Beyond2020 Expands Clean Water
Access to 10,000 in Rural Vietnam

Beyond2020, in partnership with Safe Water Cube, has brought sustainable water filters to rural Vietnam, providing clean water to 10,000 people across five villages and three schools in the Quảng Nam province. This marks our 16th deployment, aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. By addressing critical challenges and promoting inclusive and sustainable development, Beyond2020 is making a lasting impact. Experience the transformation in the video below.


Financing Climate Resilience in the Developing World

Dr. Andreas Jacobs, a Prize Jury member, discusses how financing climate resilience goes beyond infrastructure, highlighting the power of grassroots innovation in the developing world. Dr. Andreas Jacobs emphasises the need to support local solutions, from AI-driven agriculture to tech-enabled finance for farmers. It's time to shift our approach and invest in sustainable, community-driven strategies that empower innovators on a global scale to reshape the narrative and foster a climate-resilient future for all.


Empowering Africa Through Sustainable Energy

In the lead-up to COP28 UAE, Mansoor Hamayun, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bboxx and a former Prize winner, highlights the continuing issue of Africa’s energy poverty and the power of community-based initiatives to create lasting change. He discusses the power of collective action to unlock Africa's potential through sustainable energy.


Setting the Table for Sustainable Gastronomy

On 11 September 2023, Jury members enjoyed an Earth to Table lunch in Abu Dhabi. Maitha and Abdulrahman Al-Hashmi, the talented young Emirati twin chefs, masterfully blended traditional Emirati flavours with global culinary delights, to curate a meal using locally sourced ingredients. In partnership with Ne’ma, the National Food Loss and Waste Initiative, the Prize team ensured a post-meal composting plan to ensure minimal food waste.


Unveiling Climate Action Innovations

Meet the finalists in our new Climate Action category in the latest Voices of Sustainability episode titled: ‘Climate Action Innovations: Zayed Sustainability Prize Finalists,’ featuring experts from CarbonCure in Canada, the Foundation for Amazon Sustainability in Brazil, and Kelp Blue in Namibia. Dive into this dynamic conversation, where we uncover climate innovation and collective efforts driving positive change. Stay informed about the three finalists’ extraordinary innovations by reading the Summary Report and watching the episode.


Sustainability Sisters: Keeping it in the Community

Discover the remarkable journey of the Škara Sisters, Leonarda and Jelena, who were part of the Prize-winning team from Vladimir Nazor Elementary School in Škabrnja, Croatia in 2018. Their project beautifully combines sustainability with local traditions, harnessing solar power, LED lights, and innovative ideas that have transformed their community. Read about how the sisters made sustainable changes to their community and learn what it was like to travel to Abu Dhabi when their school won the Prize.

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