Newsletter May 2023


Driving Sustainable Innovation: The Prize Empowers Climate Tech Leaders

The Prize made a significant impact at the Climate Tech forum, empowering leaders to find sustainable solutions. Through a high-level roundtable and an engaging Q&A session, the Prize sparked dialogue on global challenges, scaling climate technologies, and providing access to marginalised communities. These platforms showcased the Prize's commitment to innovation and sustainability, driving positive change towards a more sustainable future.


The Prize on the Road

Ahead of the close of submissions on 23 May 2023, the Zayed Sustainability Prize team visited the United Kingdom to raise awareness about the Prize and establish valuable partnerships.

Sarah Roberts, CEO of Practical Action, 2017 winner of the Prize, was invited to speak at the 'On the Road to COP28: Women-led Innovation in Climate Sustainability & STEM' event. Roberts emphasised the importance of empowering communities to overcome poverty during her talk and highlighted the impact that the Prize has had on Practical Action over the years.


Advancing Inclusivity and Collaboration for Sustainable Development

The Prize’s Inaugural Forum took place during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week in January 2023. Titled ‘Raising Ambition, Progressing Inclusivity,’ the Forum showcased insights from sustainability thought leaders representing various sectors, highlighting the importance of listening to vulnerable communities and working together to bring positive change.




‘Protecting the Wonder of the Natural World’ by Jane Goodall, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and the Roots & Shoots programme

Renowned conservationist and Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, Jane Goodall has published an op-ed titled ‘Protecting the Wonder of the Natural World’. In honour of International Day for Biological Diversity, the op-ed reflects on the urgent need to protect biodiversity and the importance of inspiring the next generation of sustainability leaders. She highlights the work being done by young people through initiatives like Roots & Shoots UAE and the Zayed Sustainability Prize.


Voices of Sustainability – ‘Fuelling the Future:Building a Green Hydrogen Economy’

The 24th episode of Voices of Sustainability, the Prize’s virtual fireside chat series, featured Shigeru Muraki, President of Clean Fuel Ammonia Association; and Enass Abo-Hamed, Co-Founder of H2GO Power. Titled ‘Fuelling the Future: Building a Green Hydrogen Economy,’ the episode aired on 31 May and discussed if green hydrogen is the future of energy, and how the world can accelerate the green hydrogen energy transition.


Discover Climate Finance Insights

Read valuable insights on climate finance in the accompanying summary report of the 23rd episode of Voices of Sustainability titled 'Climate Finance: the Road to Resilience.' Esteemed finance leaders, including Dr. William Asiko and Anjali Bansal, share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of mobilising finance for low-carbon and climate-resilient projects in the Global South.


Sisters Fighting Plastic Pollution

Sisters Melati and Isabel Wijsen attended Green Bali School which won the Zayed Sustainability Prize in 2017. The sisters are internationally recognised for their work with both Bye Bye Plastic Bags, a youth-led movement to reduce plastic pollution on Bali's beaches and Youthtopia, a learning platform designed to help young changemakers accelerate change. We caught up with the sisters to learn more about what they are doing now and what’s next for them.

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