Newsletter June 2023


COP28 UAE President-Designate Visits Past Prize Winners in Kenya

In the lead up to COP28 UAE, the Director General of the Prize and President-Designate of COP28 UAE recently met with a 2015 winner of the Prize, M-KOPA and African Leadership Academy alumnus Jesse Forrester. The meeting showcased the impact and reach of the Prize in supporting vulnerable communities and driving sustainable development globally. It also emphasised the pivotal role of the Prize as a catalyst for positive change, highlighting the invaluable contributions of innovators and young entrepreneurs in spearheading inclusive climate action.


World Environment Day: A Legacy of
Sustainable Action

The Prize marked World Environment Day by shining a spotlight on the extraordinary endeavours of communities across the globe in tackling the pressing issue of plastic pollution. Inspired by the vision of the UAE's Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed, the Prize is driven by a shared commitment to sustainability and humanitarian action, striving to create a brighter future for generations to come. Discover the scale of the challenge we face and find hope in the collective efforts and collaborations that offer a promising tomorrow for our environment.


Healing the Wounds of Displacement: Using Technology to Support Refugee Communities by Heba Asa’d

The Co-founder and CEO of NeuroTech, Heba Asa'd, wrote an op-ed for World Refugee Day (20 June) emphasising the need for care and empathy for refugees, and how technology can support them. Asa'd highlights the contributions refugees can make to their new communities and stresses the importance of compassion and support for healing the wounds of trauma and displacement. Asa'd expresses hope for a better future for refugees and thanks the Zayed Sustainability Prize for recognising NeuroTech’s work in Jordan.


Voices of Sustainability – ‘Jobs of the Future’

The 25th episode of Voices of Sustainability, the Prize’s virtual fireside chat series, featured Richard Watson, Futurist at; and Angela Oguntala, Founding partner at Greyspace. Titled ‘Jobs of the Future,’ the episode aired on 22 June and invited global futurists to discuss how we prepare our current and future workforce to ensure workers can drive inclusive, sustainable development.


Unlocking the Power of Green Hydrogen

Read all about the promising potential of clean and green hydrogen, an innovative and sustainable fuel, in shaping the future of global energy. A distinguished panel of experts shared their insights on hydrogen and its diverse applications across industries, and its role in decarbonising our world. Gain valuable insights into the fuel's immense promise and explore strategies to accelerate its widespread adoption, paving the way for a more resilient and sustainable energy future.


Step into the Future of Work

Prominent futurists gathered in our latest Voices of Sustainability to speculate about the jobs of the future. Curious about what lies ahead? Our Summary Report is now available for you to catch up on all the insights and predictions shared by these visionaries. Explore the fascinating realm of future professions and discover how they will shape our world.


Rainwater Harvesting and Solar Energy By Analy Lopez, Choque 6th Course A at Sagrado Corazón 4, Bolivia

Discover how the 2017 Prize-winning school Unidad Educativa Sagrado Corazón 4 in Bolivia, implemented rainwater harvesting to support on-site food production while reducing energy costs. Learn how the initiative has provided educational opportunities and helped cultivate values and habits in students, such as cleaning and caring for the planet.

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