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Congratulations to the 10 global winners of the Zayed Sustainability Prize!

The winners were announced at the 2023 Zayed Sustainability Prize Awards Ceremony during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.

This year’s winners were selected from over 4,500 submissions. They represent incredible organisations and high schools, whose transformative solutions address urgent sustainability challenges and improve people’s access to affordable and reliable energy, safe drinking water, nutritious food and quality healthcare. Click play to watch the 2023 Awards Ceremony



Provides specialised medical and surgical care for indigenous communities isolated within the Amazon through its Mobile Hospital Complex, performing 1,900 surgeries to-date, benefitting 70,000 indigenous people.

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ŸNSECT (France)

Produces insect protein for plant, animal and human consumption and natural insect fertilisers at Europe’s first-of-its-kind insect factory, benefitting 30 million people.

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Brings reliable, clean energy access to refugee camps in Jordan through a sophisticated energy management system, benefitting over 10,000 people.

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LEDARS (Bangladesh)

Integrates water resource management models to solve water scarcity issues in disaster-prone areas where water becomes unusable due to salinity and flooding, benefitting over 15,800 families.

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Global High School

The Americas


Plans to install airquality monitoring and data analysis technology, benefitting 200,000 people.

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Sub-Saharan Africa


Proposes to develop and distribute biochar filters made by upcycling animal waste (bones) to remove fluoride in drinking water, benefitting 10,000 households.

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Middle East & North Africa


Plans to construct a solar powered greenhouse with two hydroponic systems, benefitting over 200 students.

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Europe & Central Asia


Aims to develop a solar powered electrolysis-based fuel cell to teach students about alternative energy, benefitting 950 students.

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South Asia


Plans to speed up production of healthy plants by shortening the seed germination period, benefitting over 2,000 farms.

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East Asia & Pacific


Aims to make the school self-sustaining with solar PV, biogas, rainwater harvesting, and hydroponics system for vegetables, benefitting 6,150 students.

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The 2023 Zayed Sustainability Prize Awards Ceremony kicked off an exciting week of dialogue and action at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week

From the Prize’s Inaugural Forum to stimulating panel sessions and youth activities, ADSW 2023 was a hugely successful platform for accelerating sustainable development and maintaining momentum towards the UN Climate Conference — COP28 — being hosted in the UAE later this year.

Raising Ambition, Progressing Inclusivity

The Zayed Sustainability Prize Inaugural Forum provided a platform for thought leaders to discuss how sustainable innovations are advancing progress and fostering unity, particularly in last mile communities.

The speakers explored the challenges and opportunities to driving inclusive climate action that address both social inequalities and environmental sustainability.

Investor Connect

Investor Connect introduced Prize winners, finalists and locally based companies to potential investors to facilitate funding opportunities for these very promising and impactful small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and nonprofit organisations (NPOs).

Voices of Sustainability

Scaling Up: Approaches that Work

Episode 20 of the Voices of Sustainability fireside chat series, titled “Scaling up: Approaches that Work,” invited the 2023 Zayed Sustainability Prize winners from the Health, Food, Energy and Water categories to discuss the challenges and opportunities they face when turning innovative ideas into solutions that work.

Deploying Sustainable Solutions in Vulnerable Communities

In this ADSW Summit panel discussion, Prize stakeholders explored the challenges and opportunities of providing humanitarian aid to vulnerable communities often located in the Global South.

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IRENA Youth Forum: The New Generation of Decision Makers | 13 January

The 4th IRENA Youth Forum took place on the sidelines of the 13th session of the IRENA Assembly. It created a space for young people – including Zayed Sustainability Prize Global High School winners and finalists – to contribute to the Agency’s mission of accelerating renewable energy deployment to achieve climate objectives and advance the sustainable development agenda.

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Empowering the Next Generation of Sustainability Champions | 17 January

Organised in partnership with Khalifa University and Columbia University, this panel brought together university students, youth ambassadors, international innovators, key influencers and policy experts to share experiences and inspire the next generation of sustainability entrepreneurs and champions to expedite progress towards the 17 Goals outlined in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Watch here

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Youth Sustainability Academy | 17 January

The Youth Sustainability Academy engaged local and international students, which included former Global High Schools winners and finalists and members of Masdar’s Youth 4 Sustainability programme, on key sustainability issues through role-playing activities and thought-provoking lectures from global experts.

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Global High Schools Winners Workshop | 17 January

During the workshop, the 2023 Global High Schools winners discussed their submission journeys, received mentoring from Prize Selection Committee members, and heard from the 2022 winners about the experiences and challenges they faced while implementing their winning projects.

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Voices of the Youth | 18 January

Two Prize youth ambassadors delivered talks at the Prize’s Inaugural Forum on how the Zayed Sustainability Prize provides a platform for empowering youth to accelerate impact in their communities through social innovation.

Toby Thorpe’s Session | Jackline Wambua’s Session

The Zayed Sustainability Prize recognises pioneering sustainable solutions across the categories of Health, Food, Energy, Water and Global High Schools, that have the potential to address our most urgent global challenges and have a meaningful impact.

The Prize invites small and medium sized enterprises and nonprofit organisations to submit existing solutions that have demonstrated a true impact, while the Global High Schools category seeks to inspire young minds and encourage entries based on student-led project proposals.

To learn more please visit our website.

Join the ranks of the Prize’s 106 winners who have impacted the lives of over 378 million people #andCOUNTING

The announcement of the 2023 winners comes at a momentous time for the Zayed Sustainability Prize as it celebrates its 15th year anniversary.

In the 15 years since the Prize was established by the UAE leadership, it has positively impacted the lives of over 378 million people around the globe.

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