Newsletter August 2023


Expanding Impact to New Communities in Ethiopia

Beyond2020 is thrilled to announce our latest deployment that was made possible thanks to our partners. Prize finalist Solarkiosk Solutions developed the technology for the Ethiopia deployment, which is offering safe drinking water to 9,000 people in the rural villages of Walessa, Holte, and Gato in the Dirashe District. Listen to the firsthand accounts of those directly impacted by the initiative.


Protecting the Guardians of the Forest

In this thought-provoking op-ed, Dr. Ricardo Affonso Ferreira, President & CEO of Associação Expedicionários da Saúde, emphasises the urgent need to address healthcare access for Amazon's indigenous communities and the impact of deforestation on climate change. In honour of August’s International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, let's reflect on the crucial role of healthcare and sustainability in shaping a better world. Discover how empowering communities and respecting nature can lead us towards a brighter and greener future.


Inspiring the Technicians of the Future

In a world grappling with eco-anxiety, it's easy to overlook that solutions to the climate crisis are already within reach. The Solar Impulse Foundation has identified over 1,500 profitable clean solutions that can drive economic growth while safeguarding the environment. The upcoming COP28 UAE offers hope for rapid change, emphasising the need to empower young leaders as the ‘Technicians of the Future.’ Learn how sustainable actions can reshape our world in this article by Bertrand Piccard, President and Founder of the Solar Impulse Foundation.


Tech for Good

The 27th episode of Voices of Sustainability, the Prize’s virtual fireside chat series, featured Prize-winning tech providers and Prize partners. In the episode titled ‘The Power of Technology to Solve Humanitarian Challenges' aired on 30 August and featured Stefano Raciti, Alexandre Anjuere, Carolyn Florey, and Monique Ntumngia. The episode delved into how providers use technology to make a significant impact on the lives of people in need, and the power of partnerships in addressing humanitarian challenges.


The Rising Tide of Change

Explore the remarkable journey of a Prize-winning global high school in the Maldives. Discover how the Prize has elevated the school’s efforts, empowering students to become sustainability pioneers. From conserving freshwater swamps to representing their country internationally, their story is truly inspiring. Learn more about their achievements and be inspired by the students’ dedication to creating a sustainable future.

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