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Q2 - 2020

About the Prize winners

A message from the Zayed Sustainability Prize

The health, well-being, and safety of communities around the world has been our utmost concern as the global pandemic continues to unfold. We are incredibly grateful to healthcare and frontline workers across the globe, who have demonstrated unparalleled devotion and efforts to save lives and provide essential access to food, energy, water and sanitation. We also value the hard work and resilience of our partners and teams, and wish to thank them for their continued solidarity. These are extraordinary times and God willing; we shall get through them soon. In the meantime, we hope you continue to take care of yourselves and loved ones. Together, we will come out of this stronger.

Stay safe!



With an aim to accommodate the Prize’s increasingly large and diverse audience throughout the ongoing global health crisis, we have recently extended the deadline for submissions across all categories.

As the world continues to combat Covid-19, identifying practical and effective solutions that strengthen sustainable development and empower others to do so through the Prize, remains an objective of paramount importance – in line with the humanitarian vision of our Founding Father Sheikh Zayed. Therefore, given the special circumstances that various communities and nations are facing, we’ve announced an extension to this year’s submission deadline.

Small-to-medium sized enterprises, non-profit organisations and high schools around the world can submit their entries through the online portal, across our five sustainability categories – Health, Food, Water, Energy and Global High Schools, up until June 11, 2020.

Having seen an encouraging volume of entries thus far, we are confident that the expanded timeframe will enable the world’s sustainability pioneers to inspire us with their ideas to effect positive change..

About the Prize winners

Spotlight Stakeholder

Nepal: Solar suitcases for saving lives

Many villages in Nepal either lack total access to electricity or suffer from extreme power outages several times a day—putting pregnant mothers and babies at risk. Amrit Wanim, an auxiliary nurse midwife at the Walankha health centre, and other midwives in her shoes, reveal the unsafe conditions they found themselves working in for many years, and the resulting transformative impact of the solar suitcase on their ability to provide proper care...

Tanzania: Lifesaver for children

More than 2.7 million Tanzanian children are estimated to be stunted and more than 600,000 are suffering from acute malnutrition. Khalima Juma, a 33-year-old mother, similarly grew up with access to only one meal a day and watched many of her childhood friends lose their lives to malnutrition. Determined to prevent the same fate for her child and many others, Khalima explains how she came to own her own food stall – selling nutritious fortified local dishes to her local community, thanks to Sanku’s dosifier techonology...

Click here to learn more.


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Spotlight Stakeholder

Sanku named among TIME’s 100 Best Inventions for 2019

In late 2019, TIME revealed its annual list of the 100 Best Inventions that are making the world better and smarter. The Sanku Dosifier machine was selected to the list of groundbreaking inventions in the Social Good category, for its proven ability to add lifesaving nutrients to the foods that millions of people rely on. The ‘Solar Suitcase’ by We Care Solar - another 2019 Zayed Sustainability Prize winner - also made the cut. Read more

Sanku celebrates 1 billionth meal fortified since 2015

Marking World Food Day in in 2019, SANKU announced its latest and most impressive impact number, which states that one billion meals containing life-saving nutrients were provided to women and children who otherwise would not have access to this critical food. The organisation is calling for donations from the public to be able to continue to support its mission to end malnutrition in Africa. Read more


Inspiring the Next Generation of Coders

In an interview with Mustapha Haqq, we take a closer look at his inspiring journey into coding from a young age, touching on his experiences and motivations leading up to his eventual win and unique achievement in being the youngest Zayed Sustainability Prize winner outside of the Global High Schools category. Mustapha also discusses the importance of his community efforts in demystifying coding and artificial intelligence for children in Ghana today, the great potential of youth, as well as the upcoming plans for his Agri sector start-up, the Okuafo Foundation, and the impact he expects the Foundation will realise in the upcoming year – as a result of having won the Prize. Click here to read the article

Spotlight Stakeholder

Updated population and geographical data, including key risk zones – such as water and sanitation sources, and the number of accessible healthcare centres – are critical to ensure emergency response preparedness of governments, healthcare centres, and humanitarian organizations around the world. In an interview with Helena Samsioe, CEO and Founder of GLOBHE, (Zayed Sustainability Prize 2020 Health winner), Helena expounds further on how drone-captured imagery can help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, with success stories from previous disease outbreaks. Read more

By 2050, global food systems will need to sustainably and nutritiously feed more than 9 billion people – a seemingly insurmountable challenge for many nations. In an interview with HE Mariam Al Mehairi, UAE Minister of State for Food Security and Zayed Sustainability Prize Jury Member, she shines a light on the UAE’s approach to tackling this global reality, including the latest agricultural solutions that are widely adaptable. Read more

Spotlight Stakeholder

Production of hydrogen fuel is a key goal towards the development of sustainable energy practices – but up until recently, its storage techniques have not been efficient or safe enough to make the fuel commercially competitive on the energy market. Japanese scientists from Tokyo University of Science have now identified an unexpected process catalyst that can revolutionise the industry – rust. Read more

Nearly 75% of the populations in the poorest countries have no hand-washing facilities – an alarming fact that has placed millions at high-risk in the wake of COVID-19. Catarina de Albuquerque, CEO of Sanitation & Water for All, and Zayed Sustainability Prize Selection Committee Member, delves into the efforts being made to provide access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all, as well as the catalytic partnerships that are needed to help countries prepare vulnerable communities for this crisis and the next– ensuring no one is left behind. Read more


The key role of the Zayed Sustainability Prize in optimizing the commercial success of SMEs

For more than a decade, the Zayed Sustainability Prize has been a dynamic catalyst for enhancing the brand equity, diversification and growth of various SMEs and NPOs, from North America to Asia-Pacific.

We speak to Thomas Samuel, Founder and President of the France-based smart solar solutions company; Sunna Design, about the range of commercial benefits that his organization has witnessed since winning the Prize under the ‘Energy’ category in 2018.

Click here to read the article.



The world’s sustainability pioneers are working on the frontlines to address the global pandemic and tackle the world’s biggest challenges across the areas of Health, Food, Energy and Water.

Rooted in the belief that sustainability is a shared responsibility, the Zayed Sustainability Prize has launched a digital campaign, #FindthePioneer, inviting the public to take part in the Prize by nominating potential candidates and encouraging them to apply for the 2021 edition.

If you know a pioneer across any of our categories, nominate them by tagging them in an existing or new post with the campaign hashtag #FindThePioneer and #ZayedSustainabilityPrize. For more details, visit

Live Talk Show Series

As part of this campaign, we have also organised an informative talk show series on Facebook Live, with the aim to drive the collective conversation about the multi-faceted nature of sustainable development. Featuring 2 episodes per week, the discussions cover a range of topical and interesting subjects exploring current development challenges and viable solutions across the Prize’s categories. Debunking the latest myths and providing valuable insights, this engaging show is not to be missed!

Upcoming show schedule, topics, and special guests are being announced ahead of time on our social media channels.

Stay tuned to our social media channels and website for further announcements around the 2021 submissions cycle and the 20by2020 initiative.

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