Welcome to the Innovators Page of the Zayed Future Energy Prize. Many of the organisations and individuals who participate in the Zayed Future Energy Prize are working on ground-breaking solutions in the clean energy sphere every day.  Past winners and finalists of the Zayed Future Energy Prize have already been making significant contributions towards developing a sustainable energy future.  Our hope is that alongside acting as a catalyst for innovative technologies that address our current challenges - they set an example for their like minded colleagues to reach greater heights.

On this page, we share a comprehensive list of all participants since the inception of the prize. We are honoured to be associated with the world’s most gifted and pioneering innovators and leaders and thank them for assisting us in creating the global community spirit online. We ask you please to use this page to initiate contact and learn more about these ground breaking innovators who saw fit to entrust us with an overview on their technologies. We ask you to feel free to contact them, to collaborate with them - taking into consideration that the fight against climate change is one that can only be won through collaboration, communication and constant dialogue.



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